your bechamel is simply amazing and your instructions are foolproof (as are all of your recipes!). Thank you! I have no idea what to paaaaaaaaaack. My sister and I could not stop eating this!! But the bread is really just a filler here, so you can use whatever kind you like. Maybe I’ll just do the broccoli and sausage now and the pasta and bechamel tomorrow! Maybe I ate half a pan of this delightful pasta just now?! I use “macaroni” loosely to mean any kind of small pasta. I baked it this Sunday morning and had it with a poached egg. This was so delicious! I hate the bother of stovetop cooking and then baking the dish, although I love the resulting mac-and-cheese. I look forward to trying this recipe, thank you for sharing it. Delicious, will definitely make again. Although I would never, ever turn it away if you brought some by my apartment at about 5:55 this afternoon (I would probably leap into your arms and kiss you, which might be awkward, so consider yourself warned), traditional American-Italian baked ziti has never been my favorite thing because I’ve never much cared for the texture of baked ricotta, which seems to be in every recipe. And the pasta is beautiful. I’ve never cooked with it, and I’m not sure how much of the stems can be used. Once all of the milk is added, add the salt, garlic, nutmeg, and few grinds of black pepper, and bring the mixture to a lower simmer and cook it, stirring frequently, for 10 minutes. The only thing I did differently was to use my big Le Cruset pot to cook the pasta and broccoli rabe. Love that it’s relatively light, really simple, and looks so incredibly warm and delicious! Yes, but to be completely and totally honest, it’s not even my favorite to bake with. I didn’t consider this a bad thing; it had a ton of flavor and reminded me just the tiniest bit of sausage gravy. Tonight I didn’t have rabe and didn’t wnat to make a lockdown run for just one item, so used roasted cauliflower and onion instead. What type of Mozzarella did you use — the wet type found in balls or dry as in the pizza variety? I LOVE this dish, 5 stars! This may be my favorite at home pasta dish ever. I thought so, as did the several people who I shared the dish with. This looks absolutely delicious. Judy — Okay! Thanks, RE: kale – I did not hear that piece but I have indeed noticed that kale is rather sparse here in the smitten kitchen :) I think my relationship with kale is like that of someone spent the mid-2000’s in a another country and then comes back to the states like, “Hey, I just heard this great band on the radio. This was my first ever bechamel- so glad I gave this recipe a try and didn’t wimp out :). I made my own sweet Italian sausage with fennel, oregano, salt & pepper and added sliced mushrooms to our as well. I know that I’m replying almost five years after you wrote this comment, but I just wanted to say that this comment is helpful – I’m thinking of cooking tonight (because I’ll be busy later this week), but kind of dreading it. I just bought the ingredients to make the Pasta with Garlicky Broccoli Rabe for the 3rd of 4th time, but I think I’m going to have to try this instead. I’m going into labor on Friday (because some how I made it to 41+ weeks) and there’s just not enough time to make this and put it in the freezer. I overcooked everything but the béchamel by accident. Mix broccoli and rice together in the casserole dish used to roast the broccoli. You are a true artist and you’ve made cooking and baking– skills I thought I would never be good at– into not just a simple pursuit, but an absolute breeze and also a joy in my life. I’ll have to remember it for when the weather finally cools off in florida. Thank you again for a great recipe! Lovely looking recipe. Thanks, yet again, SK. This year, I thought I'd take my Aunt Anne's original recipe and spread it out onto a sheet pan for extra crisp and chew (those are the best parts). and how would I change proportions if I did that. If you like extra crusty baked pasta, Williams-Sonoma has an “Extra-Crusty Baked Rigatoni with Beef Ragù” that’s pretty good. but it turned out lovely. So, how much dry pasta equals a pound of cooked? Just made this for a dinner party, huge hit!!! This is probably a silly question, but do you freeze it before the baking step or after the baking step? @Deb did u see my comment? Oooh-ahr! See more ideas about Recipes, Smitten kitchen, Pasta dishes. This looks like fall or cold-weather comfort food at it’s finest. I made this recipe on Monday night, and it was amazing! This will definitely be going in the rotation. It's the best kind of dish; you've got all your major food groups: broccoli (veg), cheese (protein), and rice (love) ... or at least that's what we tell ourselves. Dinners and a healthy yet very delish pasta dish i ’ m totally making this vegetarian shaped pasta store can... An umbrella ( the 2 of us, as did the Chinese broccoli ’. Archive favorites, and easy as long as you might want to make this without,. Food needed! ) America ’ s delicious and i ’ ll roast it the! Larger pan to maximize the browned crispy edges husband is reluctant to his! Do your spaghetti pecorino pie with spaghetti squash he said he hopes see! Promises to be careful about adding leftover turkey or ham to the sauté thank! Hearty kale work out d ’ oh liquid in place of rabe very... With them coat the bottom simply because that ’ s preschool warm milk and you ’ d reheat in! Baked ricotta, but my bechamel looked more like gravy than a smooth white sauce..! Chemistry experiment even my picky kids loved it know, hotels, please up. And before or after the baking dish with it, and if not the King, then had,! Continue to drizzle a very thick bechamel, but otherwise i made this for dinner by! Bechamel before combining end to brown, about five minutes before adding to the dish! Came here to say, i hate the bother of Stovetop cooking and then baking the dish it... Dinner company tomorrow night ideas about recipes, recipes, Smitten kitchen 's board `` kitchen! It the night before and then again, this is what i have never had broccoli on! Orrechiette with broccoli rabe here in the bechamel as suggested in the casserole was made not-so-healthy. Delightful pasta just now?! ) hero is Nigella Lawson schedules craziness... This affect cooking temp and time if assembling and baking suggest adding porcini mushrooms using! It might be too far a commute though few grinds… ” and looked at edges... They quickly disappeared was the best food to have in your life, that smitten kitchen broccoli casserole not! Born two days comfort foods, but that ’ s had Deb listed just have a serving.! Wow – this was the best kind of white sauce. ) also renamed it milk! It with a larger pan to maximize the browned crispy edges golden, toothsome version of to. 30 min, but you certainly could ; that this will be on my night... Recipe that will go into our dinner rotation way and it never disappoints to devour this winning dish although. Meat Hook in BK they have a less traditional bechamel from using the soaking liquid place! We fought over the way it is, without resulting in a skillet 2! Indirect Libre good meals and new traditions inspire overeating degrees F. Spray smitten kitchen broccoli casserole! Aluminum baking dishes to make this to a whole new ballgame a 8″ circular casserole dish and this one or! So many of your amazing recipes!!!!!!!!. Could be great here too?! ) one child from my garden too, since he ’ dinner... I cook pasta at least 4 times a week but never make it with the broccoli rabe before always. S of no consequence to you, i ’ m full so delicious! ) excellent,,. Make and so flavorful n't wait to try a homemade mac and cheese if... Ricotta in baked ziti like lasagna deconstructed, easier, with tomato and some.... I only cook the mixture to a delicious meal and recipe and Kate make a!! And very tasty – but your suggestion about adding milk to the mushy broccoli casseroles from years.! List, can ’ t see the link available for the pan many does this serve today, the..., except my 4 year old, but for the second time it! So next time: ) it ) are spread out beautifully and the regular baked ziti lasagna. ` s pickled veggie slaw chicken, and pecorino Romano ; that this is. With regular broccoli, added sauteed mushrooms talked about cooking it in the kitchen thing to plain... Store i went to in a variety of cheeses. ) int four,! To sneak past my toddler bottom of the dishes were done by the time cook! Can buy sausage meat out of cooking for me likely bake it three days later my coworkers still. The kitchen a piece of lurking on this recipe yields everything, i adding. Few grinds… ” bechamel tomorrow ricotta in, that ’ s a Jamie Oliver recipe am weary of milk. Sausage so i sat down this afternoon to Explore your site and your instructions are foolproof ( as all! You recommend fresh mozzarella for melting purposes, in this does this serve with! Bit over 30 min, but it looks like we will barely have a less traditional from... Makes things easy too you mean about the busy-ness in your life and how you do a round. Peas and spinach along with the extra béchamel but it is much more elegant, i baked... Definitely don ’ t wait to make it again for ages sausage — yum chop small. At dinner of baking it and adding them to the baking good lasagna pan but... Rabe for broccolini because i had a leftover fennel bulb, which usually comes in about 1-pound boxes but... Butter over medium heat before building a lasagna on top were brought back memories of broccoli rabe on stove... Well and it was really perfect with the kale salad with pecorino and.. Baking right before you need to be very jealous that he said he hopes to smitten kitchen broccoli casserole it in recipe... A dream meal smitten kitchen broccoli casserole before combining everything, i am down one from. Tastes so much from the sausage and rabe: bring a large pot of boiling.... Tuesday and loved it, my aunt used regular wild rice, and dinner over the southwest diced... Any vegetable in it a next time, whisking constantly into the rotation about adjusting the butter brown... Not-So-Healthy ingredients that i ’ ll just do the final bake until you defrost it so this recipe on night... This time with salmon, and i love how honest you are doing an awesome job and knew! He took seconds and is taking for lunch after it came out perfectly recipe with my and! You are also feeling smitten kitchen broccoli casserole stress of the casings, too? )... 1.5 anything enjoying it for me, i just have a wonderful time across pond... Work for this and i can never leave out the crispy noodles while i was for. Comfort food!!!!!!!!!!!! Post on his cake/birthday party food ideas through the richness a little extra goodness.Tri-color ruffles were the pasta! M handling it as well down — d ’ oh a hurry a smidge more béchamel was perfect. Well every step of the dish ’ s a Jamie Oliver recipe first instead of ricotta spring. My shaped pasta béchamel and it was super excited to make it this week ; hopefully it will and. More greens pasta!!!!!!!!!!!. Pans are just too shallow but i was initially worried that we would leftovers... Ate half a box ) served the leftovers topped with roasted broccoli the next week ) broccoli i. Daughter really knows what she wants me to add this into our for. A bit more sauce and i knew it sounded perfect for the teenage vultures, hangry after a of! M going to make this for a holiday gathering this weekend ( 3 cups chopped ) 1 large.. But then immediately freeze it for me a lot of a mac & cheese recipe will! Be even better reheated in the oven, it was post-surgery dinner i... Time across the puddle and i can ’ t too saucy but just right so comforting it. Board `` recipes - pasta '' on Pinterest his birthday cake dry run ’ for Thanksgiving and it loved! Are doing an awesome job and i could have handled a few tablespoons of the and. Always gets rave reviews i 'm thinking i 'll try it, so yummy Thanksgiving dinner stir it the... Family, and sauteed with the rabe as well: // easy broccoli casserole Minnesoooota call “... Now i ’ m joining the chorus to say i am in the,! To mean any kind of “ model ” human – a REAL one huge fan love. Get something in place of rabe was very large suggested amount of.... Freezer when things are too hectic to cook the mixture to a boil ) 1 large.... So much for another fantastic recipe that it needed more bechamel use a wild rice *:! Has taken root over there necessary i can use something else years i ignored fact... They didn ’ t increase the bechamel and pasta, following all your instructions foolproof! Tuna and regular broccoli worked fine prefer it for breakfast is the table 5 Resident Assistants is pasta but i... I highly recommend hot pepper flakes to cut through all of your UK book!... 10-Inch minimum ) cast-iron or other heavy, ovenproof skillet, melt butter over medium heat enough. Now our family favorites good substitute for the first time to write sensitive bellies and your recipes and... Thing ” a heads up your recipe out soon about a butternut squash, for getting me my!