One of my dogs is over 9, so this is one of the reasons it has increased.I have had to claim for my younger dog as she has scavenged foods that she is not allowed, resulting in several trips to the vet for poisoning, each of which was around £200, but BBM paid without question.Sometimes the claims are delayed, but this is often due to more information being required by the vet and a delay on their part (they are very busy). Up to 15,000 lifetime vet fee cover. Find out what genuine customers have said about If you're not already a member, join Which? Hi Chris, thank you for your review, were sorry to hear your claims were not succsessful, please be sure to check your policy documents which will hihghlight the inclustions and exclustions of your Chosen policy, regarding pre-exsiting conditions we do advise that anything you pet has had treatment medication or advice for in the 2 years prior to starting your policy will be excluded untill those condtions have been a full 2 years clear of treatment medication or advice. Though nothing else about all this tell I received a bill from the vets for a thousand pounds saying that bought by many would not pay all the claim and it was down to me to pay. How can you justify this based just on him being a cross breed? All their vet fee policies offer lifetime cover and include conditions that ended at least two years ago. User-friendly services help Pets Best stand out as a great value, such as a 5% military discount and a 5% discount when you insure two or more pets. On comparison sites I was quoted £24 odd a month to insure. Very disappointed with this company. We are now nearly two months on since claim was made and all we have heard is "sorry, we are busy". Costco Wholesale UK. Bought By Many’s journey to better insurance. I just love the piece of mind of having 24/7 first vet which I have used and was very impressed with . Appalling service! Address: 1-10 Summers Street, London EC1R 5BD. Bought by many pet insurance (16 Posts) Add message | Report. Not my experience. First ever claim and we and our vets have given all the information they requested weeks ago. Better insurance. Sold themselves as being different - open, honest, not increasing premiums if you made a claim etc. Category: Pet Insurance. Previous 1 2 3 … 7 Next. You've … Satisfied with this merchant Full details & FAQ's. The insurer says they are processing the claim (never refusing it), but never paid the practice or gave me any kind of information to speed up the process. So we took her to our vets were they operated on her when she was sent home we put a claim in where we were told 3 to 5 weeks. I responded asking for quotes for a different level of cover. I am currently with Animal friends and they seem to be universally slammed but they are a third the price of Pet plan for the same level of cover (lifetime up to £7000 a year). Review this merchant. An absolute joke. The simple answer is yes. Well explained, you know what you’re getting. So Bought By Many looks to harness the collective bargaining power of insurance customers to get them a better deal.. Bought By Many offers its own pet insurance policies which are designed to address problems with pet insurance that customers have highlighted to the company. Had to use insurance with the first few days of taking out the policy. Best value, great additional benefits such as First Vet, I definitely recommend Bought by Many! Bought By Many listened to thousands of cat and dog owners to create the pet insurance they want. Then our dog became ill a year after having her spade. Not had a pet before. From 107 reviews. Read 1 more review about Paws & Claws Only the latest review will count in the company's TrustScore Advertisement. Over 3000£. Claimed less than 200£ for a dog treatment. Hassle free very polite knowledgeable telephone operators, Not had to claim yet but I was impressed with the cover they offered and was recommended by friends that had experience of there service. I purchased the pet insurance in April and so far have had a positive experience in both the ease of taking out the insurance and also having a free months trial with, © Smart Money People 2021. Been with them 4 years no claimsThis month they raised my premium by 65%Spoke with their team no help cancelled on the spot and got better cover on moneysupermarket fire lessI believe they have raised a premiums with the covid crisis. Costco Wholesale UK. The pricing of your pet insurance premium will depend on many factors, including the animal’s breed, age, gender, and where you reside. Pet insurance can provide financial support for pet parents so they don’t have to put a price limit on their pet’s life. Very happy customer!! Regards Adrian Woodhouse. Seemed very reasonably priced, covering what I needed. Read 777 Reviews This pet insurance company offers complete coverage and accident-only coverage options for dogs and cats. Would definitely recommend to others and will be using for my current and any new pets. All rights reserved - Privacy Policy. Spoke to an advisor over the phone and then purchased online. Read reviews from pet owners just like you. Premier Plus. John Lewis Pet Insurance Review. Previously I have had nothing but praise for the service provided by BBM and given positive reviews and recommend their services to family and friends...but it seems this is no longer the case. The next morning we put in a claim and expected to wait the 3-5 weeks for it to be sorted. GB. Minimum Star Rating . Waggel pet insurance review Waggel bills itself as a "fully digital" pet insurance, which you can manage all through an app on your phone. Pet Insurance Reviews. Her medical bills had reached around £20k over a few years and some conditions were ongoing and only had a limit of £6k per condition, per lifetime. firstly I'm not complaining about cover or cost but unsubstantiated increase,this is too much when not even house car insurances are going up in this amount!,council tax 2% up ok,virgin 3% up,come on bought by many this is excessive amount,I have made a complaint to them but don't expect a resolution,I've made no claims policy and have young dog no health problems,I thought this favour me and loyal customr apparently not it seems just bump up premium,not good. This website uses cookies to help enhance your user experience. Not what you promised when I signed up!! Make a claim - however small - then you will be hit hard upon renewal. I chose BBM by word of mouth, I'm hoping that my 'word of mouth' deters many! Will it be harder to travel to Europe with my pet? You say its due to overall claims data, vet fee inflation etc but my vet fee has not increased as I'm still paying same amount for the monthly care package. Cheaper pet insurance cover from Bought By Many for dogs and cats. Co-op Insurance Services . Our dog needed stitches in her paw after cutting herself on an unidentified object under the snow. At Smart Money People, we use the power of your Bought By Many reviews to help others find the best possible products for them. that's is not fair on someone who hasn't made any claims!! No hassle whatsoever in getting the vet bill paid. 8 weeks in, we phone again only to be told there was nothing they could do and to just wait. © 2021 Trustpilot A/S. Read unbiased consumer reviews of pet insurance at Review Centre. Extremely dissapointed in myself that i didn't check trust pilot before i set up my monthly direct debit! I have been a very happy customer of boughtbymany for 3 years however this has now changed. They have a wonderful customer service team that was very helpful for me when I rang about claiming my dogs first vet bill money back and have recommended the insurance to many friends and family as the prices are very reasonable especially for new dog owners! Bought By Many Reviews. Esther Wolffowitz Updated Jun 3, 2020. Not to be trusted. What is going on BBM...other recent reviews also seem to reflect an apparent significant drop in service!? Bought By Many says it was born of frustration that the industry wasn’t serving its customers. had to put down our beloved elderly cat just over a week ago, absolutely heartbroken, then we receive a letter from this company asking if we want to insure our pet, never dealt with them before, timing absolutely stinks, Hi we have insurance with bought by many we pay our monthly payments. However, my quote for my renewal this year has gone from £46 to £81 (my first year was £26). I have been looking for pet insurance for my Jindo cross rescue. The company offers pet insurance that you can personalize with various levels of protection and other add-on options to enhance your pet's well-being. Here's how Bought by Many scores in our latest survey: Members can log in, to read our scores and full policy analysis. Insurance you pay for but they don't pay out.. 5 outstanding claims. Were sorry to hear your unhappy with your renewal cost, we calculate renewal cost based on rating factors associated with your policy, I e breed age location etc, these rating factors change all of the time based on different types of data received, at renewal we simply review these rating factors, if they have changed then the premium will change to match, we do not include claims you make personly in this calculation this way any changes affect everyone with the same rating factors equally new and existing customer alike, should you wish to explore options to reduce your renewal cost such as making changes to your cover, then please give us a call on 0345 340 4090, and one of our team would be happy to look into this for you (Our lines are open 9 am-7 pm Monday-Friday, and 9 am-5.30 pm on Saturdays). Unhappy waiting months to be paid!! I buy insurance to make sure my pets will receive the best medical coverage possible, should they get sick or injured. Bought By Many are a leading personal lines insurance broker in the UK. £1,000 Vets Fees - All Options. been three months now and no claim! £6,000 Vets Fees - All Options. All rights reserved. However, when going to the bought by many site to finalise the insurance they ask for confirmation of breed type and the quote went up more than double to £50something a month. Underwritten by Royal & Sun Alliance, John Lewis pet insurance offers some key features, including Lifetime cover for older pets. :)). I realize that there are dealing with many claims but 13 weeks when 3-5 is what they claim is their average wait time is absolutely ridiculous. Extremely dissatisfied customer and the review that say they respond promptly can’t be true. Very disappointed with this company. Regular Policy. I know insurance has been done to death recently and the top recommendation is petplan. I now have two dogs insured with them and I am going to have to cancel as they never pay out. Bought by many was recommended to us by friends, and they were so quick and easy to set up, and best of all, they cover pre-existing conditions so we can make sure our pup is always safe and can get the care he needs in an emergency! Then I was told bought by many had told them I had to pay 20% of the bill which was over 2800 pounds. Your reviews of Bought By Many pet insurance help others decide which products are right for them. Or check our guide to the best pet insurance for dogs. Simon 10 reviews. £7,500 Vets Fees - All Options. We went with bought by many because of what they offered. Disgusting company of insurance 4 months waited for a claim to be accessed then tried blaming our vets after I had given them the information and invoice then issued the wrong rejection letter trying to contact them is nigh on impossible email after email it is a joke I have my puppy insured with another company and have no issues there at all with them I would not recommend your company to anyone you behaviour and responses are disgusting you agree with myself on the phone and also in emails yet you still wriggle and lie your way out of paying the claim let alone leaving me out of pocket after calling when I took insurance out to checked I was covered and assured by your company I was then you deny everything including my claim as a error and say u have spoken and taken steps with the employee to make sure It won’t happen again seems u pick and choose what You say and what you are willing to pay it’s a joke !! They offer a comprehensive Complete Lifetime cover policy option, too with optional Excess levels to help keep costs down. Come on Bought by Many you have had thousands from me over the years, it is now your turn to demonstrate actual customer service and stop with your automated emails that slow down legitimate ongoing claims to ensure you get to hold on to my money as long as you can!! Costco Wholesale UK. The total amount of all the operations was over 5000 thousand pounds. Bought by many is easy to setup and in the unfortunate event that I had to submit a claim, the process was simple to apply and dealt with very efficiently. By using Smart Money People, you agree to our privacy policy. Thought that is why we buy and pay for pet insurance so we are fully covered. And lets not talk about the 3 times you've been asked to change my email address and that seems to be difficult for you (after recieving confirmation it had been done twice) Poor, poor service! Very Happy Very Happy with Paws and Claws Useful. and I send itemised receipts for every single claim. Our roundup of the best pet insurance plans looks at pricing, services, and more to find the right coverage for the dogs, cats, and critters in your home. Just received a leaflet advertising this pet insurance company, just about to buy it when I thought I would look at the reviews first, the first 5 have put me off, if they are nose and tail above the rest how bad are the rest, don't think I'm going to bother. Bought By Many Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales with number 7886430. Very happy to pay a fair price for insurance but won't renew with companies that are quick to take my payments but unable or unwilling to honour policy commitments. BBM sent me a renewal invitation. Poor support by the insurance. Find out more: our individual pet insurer reviews; What are the best cat insurance policies? and get full access to these results and all our reviews. Almost impossible to deal with them. I will never do that again!So, I searched and found Bought by Many and can only say that I am beyond delighted with the service and cover I have (Complete £15k per year with £69 excess and no contribution from me).I added my older dog once her cover with the other insurers had expired.I have just had my renewal through and whilst many may think it expensive, it is worth every penny, just for the knowledge that it is there should I need it! Rated 5* by over 12,000 customers on Feefo. 5 disadvantages of pet insurance. Costco Wholesale UK. I now have 5 outstanding claims, the oldest is way over their suggested 3-5 week payouts. Bought By Many’s Pet Insurance. I pay 3 times what I was paying before expecting excellent service after reading the reviews. L ike More Than, Sainsbury's offer 25 per cent off new pet insurance policies plus an extra discount for Nectar card holders of up to 12.5 per cent. Or choose it as an extra with some of our other policies . Insurance is not cheap for 3 dogs (2 over the age of 9) but the reassurance it gives knowing they will be able to get treatment they need is brilliant. Refine Your Search. Admin is also hopelessly inefficient. If you've used Bought By Many pet insurance... Want to read Bought By Many pet insurance reviews AKA "The future of pet insurance"? Helpful Lady when I phoned to put the claim in. Shouldn't you be looking after the people in these hard times, who have supported you all these years instead of trying to charge ridiculous amounts? We had a big claim . 13 weeks, that's how long it took for them to reach a decision. There are so many more companies out there who are genuinely 'trusted pet insurance providers' not these con artists who seem to select their best reviews to promote their company. Making a small claim for an emergency vet visit. Bought By Many's Complete pet insurance policy comes with vet fee cover abroad as standard. Reviews and experiences from TopCashback members who have shopped with Bought By Many Pet Insurance. Real reviews from real people. Since launching its unique pet insurance policies in 2017, Bought By Many has grown to be the most trusted pet insurance provider in the UK with more than 80,000 customers and thousands of 5-star reviews. Bought by many was recommended to us by friends, and they were so quick and easy to set up, and best of all, they cover pre-existing... We moved to Bought by many after another insurance increased our premium to almost a hundred pounds a month. I have been with bought by many for over two years and pay £70 a month for the lifetime cover. Vets have supplied all info despite it not being relevant to the claim but still waiting! At Smart Money People, we collect your reviews in order to help others decide on which products are best for their pets! Compare policies & insurers to choose the best protection for your pet. Absolutely disgusted with the service. Get a quote. Bought By Many. Hi James, were sorry to hear you're still awaiting a response to your claim, we currently experiencing a high level of claims and are working on these as quickly as possible, please be aware the time it takes to process a claim may very base on the nature of the claim itself, should you require an update please contact our claims team directly on 0333 130 4552 (9am-5pm, Monday-Friday). Boughtbymany seem to have become very greedy and are certainly not the company they were. Their MoneyBack policy which comes with £7,000 of vet fee cover a year and pays 20% of your premium back every year you don't need to claim. Most Trusted Pet Insurer, Free 24/7 Video Vet calls by FirstVet. Staff on the phone were amazing and then the online system for making to claim is very easy. I recent became a customer of Brought by many and I have been really happy with the insurance I’m a new dog owner and I wanted a reasonable priced insurance for my puppy and this insurance is the one! I recent became a customer of Brought by many and I have been really happy with the insurance I’m a new dog owner and I wanted a reasonable priced insurance for my puppy and this insurance is the one! They also have a 15% multi-pet discount if you insure more than one pet on the same policy. Buddies . Fact checked. Share. We have only received this yesterday over two months since the claims were submitted. Their head offices are … It also offers reimbursement for many preventative care services. If you've used Bought By Many pet insurance in the past, please share a review and help out other pet owners - let us know what you thought of the buying process, the customer service, and the cost involved in any claims process for your pet. Since pet insurance follows a reimbursement model, initial costs come out of your pocket. They say five weeks to refund claims. Compare all the major pet insurers’ policies to find just the right one for your pet. We ended up with me paying the Vet to avoid Debit Collection. Comprehensive cover at an affordable price. Coutts & Co. 5 weeks in we phone them up to check the status of our claim only to find out it had yet to be touched and they were still missing some documents from the vet. The cash back option is a great incentive. Every time I have put a claim in it has been refused. We listened to thousands of cat and dog owners to create the policies they wanted. Looking for pet insurance? Bought By Many Pet Insurance Voted the Best Pet Insurance Provider at the 2020 Insurance Choice Awards. Everything about our cover is designed to be better for owners. Sort by. Then our dog became ill a year after having her spade. Easy! Select Plus Vet Fees - All Options. They keep saying it's processing or putting it under urgent review! Took 20-30 emails and various phone calls to untangle the details of the claim which, sure enough, they had messed up (messed up in their favour of course). 131K likes. Compare providers Cover options Promoted. View results with any rating. Before we could take her home until we had fill in the claim forms so the vets could claim directly from bought by many. I cannot comprehend the unnecessary bureaucracy! This reassured me greatly. Bought By Many Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority - Register number 652623. 1. Not to mention that the service on the phone was less than helpful. We moved to Bought by many after another insurance increased our premium to almost a hundred pounds a month. Although I haven’t had to claim yet so can’t review that, I’ve found Bought by Many easy to manage my policy, great customer service and competitive prices. I echo what others have said, they are trying their very best to get out of the claim by asking last-minute questions. The vets said thats not right and left it with them to sort out. The last contact we received from them was late October after they were given documents from the vets, we had to phone them to follow up on our claim and get it sorted as they did not contact us once after that. I’ve waited weeks. Poorest support ever, for a less than 200£ claim. Bought By Many was established in 2012 and launched its own pet and travel insurance products in 2017. On ringing I'm told I can ignore the history requests as they have it, yet they've send additional emails chasing the required (duplicated) information. We are always happy to review any new information. We later found out that the documents that they were " missing ", didn't even exist as he had not needed to go to the vets prior to the emergency appointment. Bought By many do not care about the people.

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