A couple days after we built this, we planted the empty space with lettuce, basil, arugula, garlic, and chia. On the front, you could add extra slats if you want to reduce the spacing even more. This will be the backside, which you’ll mount against the wall. For a more detailed look at Methyl Bromide, read further at the. Also if you are concerned about cost of plants, lettuce, spinach and other greens are easy to start from seed and grow quickly. Follow these DIY Pallet Garden Instructions and you will be enjoying nature’s bounty before you know it! This helps keep soil from spilling and ensures that the pockets cover all of the space where soil will be filled. Thinking strawberrys. That can add a lot of weight. use part of the piece removed to create stand or supports for the pipe, place the half open pipe below the pallet and it will catch the run-off. Thanks! Thanks Linda. It’s a total guess but those are the components of it so I don’t think I’m far off. Tall herbs like rosemary, basil, and dill should be planted on top. Hi Joe, i think i messed up a bit. (Sorry about the 2016 citation, this article is about building a kick-butt pallet garden, not research into the pallet industry. And how many herb plants should it get? A simple way to repurpose a pallet is to turn it into a patio diy pallet herb garden. Even my upside down tomatoes are having a hard time. I am willing to try this method of gardening since I am unable to stay in a bent position. Some ideas I had about it. Devin, it looks like your main issue is the drainage running onto your neighbor’s deck. Both types of wood must be either heat treated to 56 degrees Celsius for thirty minutes or fumigated (MB) with methyl bromide. How do I know if the pallet wood is heat treated. I’m wondering about a drip line? If you want to plant other veggies in the pallet, I would focus on dwarf, patio or bush varieties, all bred for smaller spaces and growing environments. i realize it would depend on the kind of plants used, but a rough estimate would still be helpful for me. If not, you may choose to add another piece of wood, like a 2×4. Published May 8, 2014 by Jennifer. If The top of The planter is The only open part, when you water The plants from The top, The ones below will get some water?!? Also keep in mind, pallets are at best, only 4′ tall. I think this would be a fantastic idea for growing strawberries! As for water, I think that’s too hard to fine tune in a pallet since the taller, water loving herbs need to go at the top. 05:37 Planters How to build a garden bed A garden bed lets you grow the flowers, trees, fruit, vegetables and herbs of your choice in your own backyard in the best soil possible. Strawberries in my buckets are good and lots of water needed for fruit. Once you have your pallet, you may need to make some adjustments to it prior to installing the planting pockets. Try and locate those and secure the pallet into the studs and you should be fine. Here you can see this is a relatively new pallet, it’s actually the CA-01212 from the previous picture. Just wanted to give you things to consider. Hi Krys and you’re welcome. Off camera, Joe dedicates his time to promoting sustainability through his popular books, blog, podcast series, and nationally syndicated newspaper columns. Like other containers, daily watering is likely. I have made a pallet green house on wheels., four full size pallets standing on end to make a box with a piece of glass for the top. It will takeover that area. I live East of Pennsylvania which gets -20 degrees below. There’s even a stamp from Conseil de l’Industrie Forestière du Québec (CIFQ). Might need to put 2 together back to back. Get two helpers and position the pallet between the brackets already secured to the house. With helpers holding the pallet in place, the third person can attach the brackets to the pallet. My question is, how do you water a vertical pallet garden so that all the plants receive enough water? Home » Crafts & DIY » Crafts » How to Make an Herb Garden from a Pallet. Anyway, I look forward to hearing back from you if you add a twist to the design. Use the landscape fabric in each level to help keep the soil in. You’re the first to write saying you want to use this indoors. Didn’t want the soil to fall through the cracks on the wide side so I closed the gaps with extra wood. It’s a great idea for the folks who are short on space, thanks for sharing with us. Next add the plants. I live in north Idaho 2 hour drive to the border of Canada, since I am up against the mountain I have limited space for a garden & to limited areas of sunshine. Creating a Pallet Garden – Step by Step Instructions. Three types of treatment that pallets may go through before they are put into use are Heat-Treated, Debarked, and Methyl Bromide. They routinely receive 12 ft. long sheets of metal on beautiful 12-ft. long, very HEAVY duty pallets that are usually made of oak, perfectly clean, and NEW with NO signs whatsoever of any chemicals. Cumbers are climbers. Unless your pallet gets 8 hours of sun, growing fruiting veggies might be a challenge. Is this too little space? i would NOT want this MESS against my house! How can I make sure that the wall is not going to get durty? You typically add a small amount to the soil and mix it in. More than likely you should be ok considering the age of these pallets. Stay away from pine and other softwood pallets as they are not as durable. Any advice would be great…I’m thinking of doing it but I may not be in the right location….maybe I should create a different version ? In the mid sections, I like to plant smaller, bushier plants. Thank you far a very interesting and informative site, keep it up ! I had a similar situation in the town I used to live. Now turn the pallet over and fill with good quality potting soil or container mix. I’m looking forward to trying the pallet garden this spring, how do you keep the dirt in the pallet garden. Hey I’m planning on planting herbs in my pallet planter. I HAVE A VERY SMALL PATIO-NO GARDEN SPACE AT ALL. Yours look about the same ……… I do have some photos i can send now as well. My problem that I have is the top to the bottom I have some separation of soil it’s been 2 months now plants are growing good but now I have separation on some of my sections. I noticed the upright freestanding one has a solid plywood backing with what appears to be burlap in between. I am interested in creating many projects with pallets. You’re welcome Sher. Hi Phil. I do think those slats are on the narrow side, at least for plants you’re not growing from seed. Hi Joe! I’d be interested in other opinions as well from those who make pallet projects. I will try do make one too, tu put in my friend´s home exterior. This could be a free-standing vertical garden placed on 2×4’s inserted in the ground to give some breathing room.

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